Taking Time To Refresh

We often vacation together. Our kids get along really great and like going places together-- and we love seeing them experience things as cousins and friends! This last week we went to Disneyland and SeaWorld and it was such a great time! Although we were surprised by the chilly weather, we still had lots of time at the parks. We went to DisneyLand for two days, California Adventure for two days and then SeaWorld for one. We have a few daredevils who love the fast, dark, and thrill rides... and then others who enjoy the Teacups and Dumbo, while the rest are somewhere in between. It is so fun to see them try new things and push their limits in different ways. For us? Ashley is the thrill seeker, while Kristin and JoAnn are in the "in between" category! We all love to indulge in coffee and treats while away, and ultimately just love being there as a family.

The Before

The weeks leading up to our trip were spent trying to project which accounts would be ordering so that we could roast and be ready for their order, without rushing out to the kitchen last minute to fill orders. We roast to order, which means we don't like product sitting in our cooler long at all, before it is shipped out. We can't get too far ahead when we prepare to be gone like this, or else product could potentially be sitting for longer than we like. We have gotten so much better at it, but it still can be a little tricky roasting the correct flavors and amounts and then packaging into all sizes, when projecting.

The After 

Upon return, it's always likely that we feel a bit behind, even though we aren't! We did a great job with this trip and our projections were very accurate. The day we returned to work we were able to wrap and ship all orders, which actually ended up being quite a bit of product, which is a really good thing! Catching up on emails and phone calls is always something else we can do each day, especially after being gone! 

The Perk

Being business owners has allowed us so much flexibility in our schedules. Sure, there are times of the year when we can't really be gone from work. But for the most part, if we are needing to be gone, we can figure out a way for that to happen and we feel so fortunate that we've built this business in a way that allows us this flexibility.

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