The Best Time to Harvest Hazelnuts.

The Best Time to Harvest Hazelnuts

When Is the Best Time to Harvest Hazelnuts?

If you’re looking for the freshest, most flavorful hazelnuts, you want to make sure you harvest them at just the right time. While there are minor variations in different areas, hazelnuts can generally be harvested from late August to October. But why do they need to be harvested at this particular time? Let’s explore this in more depth.  


When Do Hazelnut Trees Produce?

Most hazelnut trees produce their first nuts in their fourth year, although these will not yet be full-sized or of a good enough quality for harvesting. The tree will not begin producing full-sized nuts until its ninth or tenth year when it reaches maturity. It is at this point that it can produce about 15-20 pounds of nuts per year; however, the total can vary drastically depending on environmental conditions and other factors such as soil type and climate.


When Should You Harvest Hazelnuts?

Once the nuts have started falling from the trees, you know that it is time to harvest them. This usually occurs between late August and October, but again this varies depending on where you are located and what environmental conditions exist at any given time. It is important to note that harvesting too early can result in poor nut quality; if you wait too long then they may be eaten by animals or fall prey to disease or rot before they are harvested.


How Should You Harvest Hazelnuts?

It is important to harvest your hazelnuts carefully to ensure the maximum quality of your product. The easiest way to do this is by shaking the branches of the tree gently - this will encourage most of the nuts still attached to fall off without damaging them in any way. You can also use a rake or broomstick with soft bristles (such as those made from straw) if necessary - just make sure that none of these tools come into contact with the shells of the nuts themselves! Once all of your hazelnuts have been collected from beneath the tree, it's time for sorting and cleaning!


Harvesting in Summary

Harvesting hazelnuts requires a great deal of knowledge about how to do so for maximum yields and quality product. Additionally, they must be collected using appropriate methods such as gentle shaking or raking with soft bristles so as not to damage them before sorting and cleaning begins! We hope that this article has been helpful in providing an overview of when our hazelnuts should be harvested so that everyone interested can enjoy fresh and delicious products throughout each season!

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