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King Family Hazelnuts began as a produce business, where we started taking our fresh produce to farmers markets. We love that because of this, the fifth generation was able to come back to the farm and continue our family's passion. In the Fall of 2007, King Family Farms, Inc. planted its first hazelnut orchard. Once these trees began producing, the mother-daughter team decided to begin processing and packaging hazelnuts. We certified JoAnn's kitchen and began processing and packaging in 2015. We are proud of our unique flavors, which we have developed here at the farm, that maintain the nutritional value of the nut, and ones you won't find anywhere else. We rather quickly outgrew the family's kitchen and were able to build a brand new facility, including a commercial kitchen, office and warehouse. We moved into the building in the Fall of 2018! In this facility we do all of our own marketing and advertising, direct shipping and flavoring & roasting hazelnuts into the packaging you can find on store shelves.